No Changes to Military Retirement Anytime Soon, Officials Say

First let me say WOW!!  We had over 160 in attendance at our AFSA meeting at Club Eifel on 16 August.  I was really amazed by the overwhelming support for our enlisted organization.  I would like to send a special thanks to all the unit representatives who rallied and ensured we had outstanding attendance and also thank everyone for supporting the Air Force Sergeants Association(AFSA).

I have attached an excerpt at bottom of this page from our Division President regarding possible changes in our military retirement and a link for you to access the article.  For now, it looks like the AFSA lobbyists your membership dollars support are really doing their job on Capitol Hill. Although it looks like we are safe for the very near future, don’t think for a minute that cutting military pay/benefits will not come up again.  So what can you do?  Please take the time to educate folks in your units and tell them exactly what AFSA does for all of us…active duty and retired members. If you are not sure yourself, go to the AFSA homepage link and click on the “Why Join” tab. If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

Our monthly meetings are always the 3rd Tuesday @ 1130 at Club Eifel so please come out and bring a friend.  Our next meeting will be held on 20 September 2011…I hope to see you there.

AFSA Division 16 leaders,

Earlier in the month, I sent out the Defense Business Board presentation concerning “proposed” changes to our military retirement system. The article in the below link is what I’m sure is a response to the buzz that was created as that presentation was sent out AF wide. It’s nice to know that no changes are expected to military retirement anytime soon. We’ve all heard that “nothing is off the table”, and our military pay is the largest fiscal burden that the military has, so it’s difficult to think that the DoD will be able to make $400 billion in cuts over the next 10 years without our military retirement program being affected in some way. We owe it to our membership (and non-members) to stay educated/current on this subject that could potentially affect us directly or indirectly!

Daniel D. Janssen, SMSgt, USAF
Division 16 President “The Frontline Division”

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