AFSA Data Verification Emails/Post Cards

I’ve had a lot questions regarding HQ AFSA contacting members via email or postcard of verify their membership data. The email or verbiage on the postcard will look like this:

Dear XXXX,

Air Force Sergeants Association has recently launched a comprehensive member data verification project. We’ve assembled the information currently listed in our member files and now need your assistance to confirm the accuracy of your data.

Please give Publishing Concepts (PCI) a call so that we may verify your information for the Air Force Sergeants Association: Then and Now pictorial publication. You must call to verify your information to be included in this pictorial publication. PCI is a trusted partner of the Air Force Sergeants Association.

We need your help. Please call 1-866-535-1722 (toll free) to verify the accuracy of the data currently listed in the file.

Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated. Please call the dedicated, toll free Air Force Sergeants Association data verification line today.


John “Doc” McCauslin


This is a legit email/information approach and is not a phishing attempt. Publishing Concepts (PCI) was contracted by HQ AFSA for this service AND WILL try to sell you a “Then and Now pictorial publication”. PCI is basically doing the membership check for free in hopes of selling you a book. If you received the email OR postcard.looks like your information is up to date so No Action Required. You can delete the email or trash the post card. You can of course update your information anytime via the website at, via email at or by calling HQs using the 1-800 number below, M – F, 8 – 5 eastern time.

AFSA will use marketing efforts like this from time to time to get a service done while limiting or incurring no cost to the membership. If you wish to OPT OUT of any further marketing campaigns, call *89 from any DSN phone and then 1-800-638-0594, hit 0 for the Operator and then ask for Member and Field services. Let the Membership Rep know you don’t want to participate in any marketing campaigns and they’ll update your membership record accordingly. You can email them as well by using the email address and tell them you want to opt out of any marketing efforts.

I realize this distro list doesn’t cover everyone so if you have any AFSA contacts, pls share this message with other members.



AFSA Division 16 Senior Advisor
International Membership Committee Member

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