Straight from the CEO – AC/DC Report Due Today

The VA has an Advisory Committee on Disability Compensation. Reporting directly to the SECVA, the federally chartered ACDC owes a progress report by October 31st every 2 years at a minimum. On October 26th, your AFSA team was in the room for the last meeting before the 2012 report is finalized. Of course, the number one issue was that the VBA needs “to more timely and accurately resolve claims.” The VBA standard is to complete claims within 125 days; unfortunately almost 66 percent of the 850K pending claims were well past that goal.

Discussions centered on the semantics of the ACDC report’s verbiage. Given that the FY13 budget is yet unfinished, sequestration is still a possibility, and that OIG estimates a whopping $72 billion in benefits will eventually be paid out for FY12, it makes perfect sense to focus on proper wording so as to enable proper execution. Lots of veterans or their beneficiaries hang upon the VA’s reaction to the ACDC report, let alone normal day to day VA actions.

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