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In comments to reporters at Winthrop University yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) rightly noted that “The automatic cuts put in place during the nation’s debt ceiling negotiations last year will “destroy the finest military in the world”. He is not alone. A growing number of lawmakers from both sides of the isle agree with Graham and are becoming more and more disturbed at Congress’ inability to resolve the matter. 

The issue is expected to take center stage when lawmakers return in November because the fix here is the key to other important decisions awaiting Congress. Issues like the annual Defense Authorization bill, the “Doc Fix” and tax-related issues could all be affected by any deal reached involving the national budget deficit and/or sequestration. As AFSA reported yesterday, the military health care program IS NOT IMMUNE to spending reductions triggered by sequestration. Likewise, we hear commissary funding will be cut $130 million or 9.4 percent if Congress fails to reach a debt-reduction deal by January 2, 2013. 

The bottom line; the entire military community could be affected by sequestration. Do you know where your elected officials stand on this issue? If the answer is “no,” please use the AFSA CapWiz system and ask them. We even have a sample letter you can use which you will find here.

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