Straight from the CEO – Regarding the Repeal of SBP-DIC Offset

AFSA CEO had breakfast with Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn this morning. As the AFSA CEO and fellow voting Texan, I expressed disappointment to both for their actions two days ago regarding the repeal of SBP-DIC Offset. Kay abstained and John voted No. We were only two votes short this year in the Senate and the House already supported the repeal. Senator Cornyn assured me that we would meet early on this very subject (FYI his dad was retired AF). There many others that did not support it in the Senate including Senator Murray (WA) and she is the current Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and recently named Chair of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee this next session. Senator McCain also voted no. We will be putting forth a very concerted effort in the next session for passage of this legislation and will certainly need all of our 106,000+ members to get involved with the grass roots efforts.

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