TRICARE Pharmacy Co-Pay Increases

Today the House was expected to name conferees signaling the official start of negotiations on a final FY 2013 NDAA. This will be our last chance as an Association to influence Members of Congress who must now decide which provisions (House or Senate) will go into the final defense bill. We are particularly concerned with a pair of provisions that address increases in TRICARE pharmacy copays.

As reported last week, a Senate-approved provision would triple these fees in just a few short years. House approved language back in May allows modest increases but caps future ones to the rate of the annual cost-of-living allowance (COLA). Earlier today we updated AFSA CapWiz with a new letter asking congressional members to retain the House language in the final bill. Please use the link below to send your own letter, then forward it to Chapter Presidents urging the widest dissemination possible. The more letters we can generate on this issue in the next couple days, the greater the likelihood we can favorable influence the decision of the conferees on this important matter. ”

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