Straight from the CEO – New Defense Secretary and CIA Chief

This afternoon President Obama nominated former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel to be the next defense secretary and John Brennan as CIA chief. Today’s announcement brought an end to weeks of speculation as to who would get the nod for the Pentagon’s top slot.

If confirmed, Hagel would be the first prior enlisted member to serve in the position. Senator Hagel earned two Purple Hearts while serving as a US Army infantry squad leader in the Vietnam War.

Despite having served in the Upper Chamber, approval by his peers is not expected to come easy. A number of senators from both sides of the isle have voiced concerns with his nomination.
The President urged the Senate to act promptly to confirm both individuals.

“When it comes to national security, we don’t like to leave a lot of gaps between the time that one set of leaders transitions out and another transitions in,” he said. “So we need to get moving quickly on this.”

John R. “Doc” McCauslin, CMSgt (Ret)
Chief Executive Officer
Air Force Sergeants Association 301.899.3500

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