Commissaries May Close

Make no mistake about it, the sequester is bad; it is coming unless there is congressional action to stop it; and when and if it does come, the drastic cuts it brings will affect every member of the military community in one way or another. For example, following closely on the heels of last week’s announcement that DoD plans to furlough some 800K civilian employees comes word that Commissaries may close on Wednesdays if the automatic spending cuts go into effect this Friday! Described in an internal memo by Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Director, Joseph Jeu, these closures would begin on March 1! The closure action would be in addition to other cost-saving measures DeCA has taken, like canceling all May case-lot sales and an agency-wide hiring freeze. Already the impending sequester coupled with constrained defense budgets via a string of continuing resolutions has contributed to the closing or a reduction in the operating hours of other base facilities like gyms, libraries, and auto hobby shops. Readers can expect announcement like these to continue as we inch closer to the 1 March deadline. As a reminder, AFSA has posted a sample letter on our CapWiz page for members to send to their lawmakers on the issue of sequestration. If you haven’t sent a letter already, please do so today!

44 years ago on Sunday, SrA John L. Levitow performed the heroic actions over Vietnam that were eventually recognized with the presentation of the Congressional Medal of Honor. It’s an important part of your Air Force Enlisted history, and you can read an official accounting of his actions here on the U.S. Air Force website.

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