DOD Warns Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC)

Yesterday I dispatched our registered lobbyist to cover the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on impacts of sequestration for the Department of Defense.  Apparently, your AFSA was the only veteran service organization in the room for this critical hearing.  The full SASC heard testimony from Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, DOD Comptroller Robert Hale, and all 6 generals of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   SASC Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) (by the way voted yes for the sequestration) said sequestration would be irrational and arbitrary.  Deputy Carter said it would be devastating, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Dempsey said it would put the nation at risk. An interesting note considering verbiage during the SASC hearing on sequestration was “so terrible” and “a bad idea”, yet 74 of your senators voted for it with the Budget Control Act back in August 2011. For your convenience in knowing how your senator voted, we have listed the 26 NAY voters below. ALL of the other 74 voted AYE for the sequestration; apparently without fully realizing (reading) the affects upon our Nation, including the Department of Defense.

We need you to get involved today and tell your elected officials how you feel about the impending sequestration. The AFSA CAPWIZ is updated for your convenience.  We also recommend you make a toll free call to each of your two senators to express your concerns (1-888-762-8760).

Senators voting against sequestration:

Democrats:  Kirsten Gillibrand, NY                     Independent:  Bernard Sanders, VT

Tom Harkin, IA

Frank Lautenberg, NJ

Robert Menendez, NJ

Jeff Merkley, OR

Ben Nelson, FL

Republicans: Kelly Ayott, NH                             Ron Johnson, WI

Saxby Chambliss, GA                    Mike Lee, UT

Daniel Coats, IN                             Jerry Moran, KS

Tom Colburn, OK                           Rand Paul, KY

Jim Demint, SC                             Marco Rubio, FL

Lindsey Graham, SC                      Jeff Sessions, AL

Chuck Grassley, IA                        Richard Shelby, AL

Orrin Hatch, UT                              Patrick Toomey,PA

Dean Heller, NV                             David Vitter, LA

James Imhofe

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