Tuition Assistance Ends

I write you with grave concern and a strong hope of motivating you to action! Yesterday, 11 March 2013, the USAF announced, Airmen (all components) will no longer be able to submit requests for Tuition Assistance (TA). This change has resulted in Airmen who are currently enrolled in a collegiate program to find another way to pay for their education. For decades TA has proven to be a “win-win” situation for both the DoD and the military member. TA has been named one of our most powerful tools for recruiting, retention, career development and military readiness.

AFSA believes the stopping of TA payments to be a “break of faith” with those who chose to serve in the All Volunteer force. We understand the decision to suspend TA was strictly amatter of financial necessity. This immediate change will have adverse consequences, on morale, mission readiness and a financial impact on those currently serving now as well as those who may consider the USAF as a career choice or for those who may join and serve in the future.

The Air Force decision to suspend TA with less than 24 hour notice should be a wake-up call for all Airmen—those serving and those who have served. YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE, ALL YOUR BENEFITS ARE AT RISK–YES ALL OF THEM! Now is the time to act! Our philosophy remains the same, Congress should not force the 1% of our Country who chose to serve on their own free will to bear twice the budget burden of the other 99% of the country. Now more than ever, we need your immediate help to restore TA and preserve our other benefits subject to Sequestration. Please take action now and contact Congress via CapWiz or via the Congressional toll free switch board at 1-888-762-8760.

This bulletin was cross-posted from, the official website for the Air Force Sergeants Association Headquarters. It has been posted here for your convenience. Visit for more updates!

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