Release of FY 2014 Budget Proposal Expected Tomorrow

On April 10 President Obama will present his FY 2014 Budget proposal to Congress.   Through our sources we have learned his spending plan for next year contains a number of adverse proposals affecting Air Force enlisted members and their families beginning with a 1 percent cap on the military pay raise for January 1, 2014.  He will also urge lawmakers to adopt a less generous formula for calculating federal retirees’ annual cost of living adjustments known as the Chained CPI.   Last but not least, we anticipate his plan will include a revival of last year’s proposals to close military bases, increase TRICARE fees and implement new ones.

The lone bright spot appears to be increased funding for the VA to meet the departments increasing needs.   We are told the President will ask for $63.5 billion in discretionary funding for VA; a 4 percent increase over the current year’s funding levels.  According to documents seen by AFSA, some of this increased spending will be targeted to improve the claims process, strengthen mental health care services and incentivize employers to hire Veterans through a series of permanent tax credits.  By far, the President’s proposal is shaping up to be one of the most unattractive spending blueprints ever advanced by an Administration.  Details will be provided by AFSA once the proposal has been presented to Congress and we have had a chance to analyze its contents.

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