Sequestration Grounds Air Force Combat Squadrons

As the CSAF accurately predicted in his February 26, 2013, testimony before Congress, on Tuesday the Air Force began grounding one third of Active Duty, Air National Guard and Reserve associate combat squadrons. This action is in response to the forced spending cuts brought on by Congress’s failure to agree on a deficit-reduction plan preventing the March 1st implementation of Sequestration.

Air Force officials tell AFSA the stand down will remain in effect through the remainder of fiscal year 2013 barring any changes to current levels of funding. “We’re entering uncharted territory in terms of how we’ve had to take this year’s cuts and make adjustments to mitigate the most serious impacts,” said ACC Commander General Mike Hostage. “Remaining as mission-ready as possible for combatant commanders is our priority, and we’re prioritizing spending to ensure this imperative is met.”

Prior to the March 1 budget cuts, Air Force officials warned Congress standing down the combat fleet would be necessary although this would result in an overall degrading of military readiness. For that reason alone, AFSA believes sequestration should be debated, resolved or implemented in a different manner so that does not jeopardize our National security. JFK said it best; “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”

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