AFSA Update on the Proposed Budget

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We all drank from the proverbial fire hose of budget data last week and the high rate of information continues to flow as more details emerge about the Administrations fiscal year 2015 plan. Lawmakers will examine all areas of the proposal via the normal hearing process while we focus primarily on the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. No doubt some of last week’s proposals made by DoD were upsetting to members so please keep these facts in mind:

First, the final decision almost always rests with Congress, which is why AFSA having a registered federal lobbying presence on Capitol Hill—working on your behalf is an absolute necessity.

Second, lawmakers won’t know what to do unless YOU TELL THEM so be sure to communicate you’re your elected officials as often as possible. Please consider using the AFSA CAPWIZ system because it IS effective as proven by the reinstatement of Tuition Assistance last April and repeal of the recently enacted loss in military retiree COLA this year.

Last but not least, be sure to register to Vote and “follow through” by participating in the primaries as well as the general elections. Lawmakers are certain to pay closer attention to your concerns if they know you are a likely voter.

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