“Doc Fix” Legislation Conundrum Continues

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Are you on MEDICARE or been referred to a civilian physician (AD or not) for a disease or injury that military facilities cannot handle? If so, recommend you stay tuned to this very important issue because it could affect everyone that is on Tricare or MEDICARE, especially if the “Doc Fix” legislative expires at the end of this month. After reviewing the below update, please go to our CAPWIZ area and contact your elected officials here in Washington before it’s too late.

The House is expected to pass a highly controversial measure that seeks to fix, once and for all, the Sustained Growth Rate (SGR) formula used to determine payment rates for doctors who accept TRICARE & Medicare patients. Seeking to pay for a permanent “Doc Fix” by delaying Obamacare’s individual mandate, the bill is certain to clear the House but should be dead on arrival in the Senate. Congress has tinkered with the troubled formula every year since 2003 using short-term fixes. Last month a bipartisan effort to fix the problem for 10 years failed to materialize because of its funding mechanism; and this bill is headed for the same fate. Time is winding down for lawmakers to act though as the current patch expires at the end of March.

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