Short-term “Doc Fix” Passes House

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The House approved a 1 year extension of the current “Doc Fix” and the Senate plans to address this important legislation on Monday, March 31. To recap, Congress must act no later than the end of March if they hope to prevent a scheduled, 24% cut to Medicare and TRICARE physician reimbursement payments on April 1. While AFSA would obviously prefer a permanent solution to the problem, the temporary measure passed by the House and hopefully by the Senate is far more desirable than allowing the current “Doc Fix” to expire.

Former SECDEF Passes

A servant of the people has left for higher ground. America’s very first Secretary of Energy from 1977-1979, former Director of the CIA, and former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger died March 26 at age 85 due to ongoing pneumonia issues. As energy Secretary he helped navigate the Three Mile Island crisis, and as SECDEF he is largely credited with developing Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft like the F-16 Falcon and the A-10 Warthog which is now proposed to be retired.

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