Déjà Vu

Only a handful of days remain before Congress plans to depart for the August recess and lawmakers find themselves in a familiar place; a full plate of “must pass” legislation which includes the 12 annual appropriations bills, the defense policy bill and important Veterans legislation. Hope still remains for passage of a bill to address VA healthcare access prior to the break, but there is none for the funding bills or the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Regarding the latter, for the second straight year Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin has instructed his staff to begin “pre-conferencing” with the House Armed Services Committee on a final NDAA for FY2015—even though the upper chamber has yet to complete its version of the bill. Levin says he gave the green light for the preliminary discussions because he needed a fallback position in case the Senate bill doesn’t reach the floor this fall. The House completed its version of the bill two months ago, and has been waiting for the Senate to catch up. Meanwhile we’ve seen several reports that House leaders may be thinking about moving a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government through the first few months of fiscal 2015 very soon. Efforts in both chambers to fund the government through the normal appropriations process have fallen flat in recent weeks. With the upcoming General Election this November, it is clear some lawmakers want to avoid another government shutdown if at all possible.

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