AFSA Chapter 1681 Legislative Update – 7 Aug 2014

MSgt Latrise Russell, Legislative Trustee

1. President Signs Veterans’ Reform Bill. Today,President Obama signed H.R. 3230, the “Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014.” In earlier bulletins, we recapped the major features of this legislation. It is now public law. Those interested can review the entire legislation, as signed, by going to:

A bill summary by the Congressional Research Service is provided at:|/home/LegislativeData.php|

2. What’s Left to do at the Department of Veterans Affairs? H.R. 3230is intended to speed up VA health care, build more clinics, hire more healthcare officials, and make it easier for the VA Secretary to fire inefficient VA leaders, among other features.

Those interested can review the entire AFSA 2013-2014 Legislative Platform (target list) at:

Note: The proposed 2014-2015 Legislative Platform, based on the inputs of our members, is scheduled to be ratified this month (on 19 August) at the 2014 AFSA Professional Airmen’s Conference and International Convention in Jacksonville, Fla. The Platform is the blueprint used by the AFSA Headquarters lobbying team as they pursue matters of concern for our Association members.

3. Bill Would Offer Extra Leave for Federally Employed Disabled Vets. Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., has introduced H.R. 5229, the “Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act.” An article in The Hill on this bill explains that, if passed by Congress and signed into law, this legislation “would offer disabled veterans who serve as federal employees with extra time off to seek medical care. The measure . . . would offer veterans with 13 days, or 104 hours, of ‘Wounded Warrior leave’ during their first year as federal workers. Lynch said his bill would give veterans adequate time to take care of medical needs without resorting to leave without pay.”

To read the complete article, go to:  


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