AFSA PAC/Convention Begins Soon

From Aug. 16 to 20, at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville (Fla.) hotel, Air Force Sergeants Association leaders, delegates, and guests from around the world will attend the annual AFSA Professional Airmen’s Conference (PAC) and International Convention. This convention will be a time of reconnection and camaraderie among AFSA advocates; a time to make important Association governance decisions; and an occasion for exceptional education and professional development opportunities for Airmen. Additionally, while in Jacksonville, on Aug. 19 AFSA delegates will discuss and ratify the 2014-2015 AFSA Legislative Platform–a list of legislative targets that members construct and that will be used as a “blueprint” by the AFSA Headquarters legislative team on Capitol Hill during the coming year. If you’re coming – see you there! If not, be sure to keep up with the happenings via the AFSA Facebook and Twitter updates!

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