Speak Up: White House Pushes Congress to Cut Military Pay Raise

President Obama formally notified Congress Aug. 29th that he wants to cap next year’s military basic pay raise at 1%, unless Congress comes up with an alternative mandate. Historically, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has two versions that eventually merge via a Conference between the two Chambers of Congress. Both versions currently include a pay raise for the military but the House version (H.R. 4435) follows existing law by tying it to the Economic Cost Indicator (ECI) and grants an increase of 1.8%. The Senate version (S. 2289), which has only cleared the Armed Services Committee and has yet to pass a full floor vote, actually specifies a 1% raise as does the President’s budget. AFSA endorses H.R. 4435 and the 1.8% raise, but we need your help. A pre-written letter is available for you to contact your representative via CapWiz, a trusted, email-based tool to efficiently communicate with your elected officials. To use:

  • On the AFSA Website (hqafsa.org), enter your Zip Code in the “Write Congress Today” window.
  • On the following page, select an issue from the “Action Alert” section to send a pre-written letter (drafted by the AFSA staff), or
  • To write your own letter on a subject of your choosing, in the sentence just above the photos of your elected officials, that reads, “Write to ALL of your representatives with one click or just go to the individual pages linked below,” click on “with one click”
  • Write your letter, fill in your contact information, then hit the “Send Message” button.

Note: if you need assistance writing your letter, contact your chapter or division legislative trustee, or contact the Military and Government Relations Directorate at AFSA Headquarters at 301.899.3500, or staff@afsahq.org.

This bulletin was cross-posted from HQAFSA.org, the official website for the Air Force Sergeants Association Headquarters. It has been posted here for your convenience. Visit HQAFSA.org for more updates!

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