AFSA Chapter 1681 Executive Council Elections 2014

The time is drawing near for Spangdahlem AFSA chapter to elect its 2015 Executive Council. Now is your chance to make an impact in the 52d Fighter Wing and benefit your fellow Airmen.  AFSA Chapter 1681 will be holding elections at the 21 Nov 14 general meeting for the following positions:

Executive Officers by Election:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Candidates running for the above offices should complete and send the application to NLT 7 Nov. Nomination can/will also be taken from the floor.

  • Nominees must be current AFSA members and have at least 13 months retainability on station (24 months for vice president if applicable); positions will be filled for 1 year with the exception of vice president (if applicable) which is a 2 year term.
  • Nominees must be present for the 21 Nov General meeting. Voting will be held on that day. Announcement of newly elected Council members will be made after all votes are counted.

Please refer to the Chapter 1681 Bylaws, Pg 2-4 for duties and responsibilities of ‘Elected’ offices.


Additionally, the following trustee positions are also available. Please submit names to thru 19 Nov 14. Trustees for these offices will be appointed by the chapter president & announced at a later date.        

Appointed Officials:

  • Membership Trustee I & II (2 ppl)
  • Legislative Trustee I & II (2 ppl)
  • Airmen Activity Coordinator
  • Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Programs Trustee
  • Communications Trustee
  • Senior Advisor (Must be past Chapter President)

Please refer to AFSA Manual 100-2 excerpt for info on ‘Appointed’ officer duties. If the office is not listed, then refer to duties listed under ‘Trustee’.


All applicants & future trustees should be familiar with duties as outlined for the applicable office.

Good luck to everyone and THANK YOU for stepping up to such an amazing opportunity to serve!

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