2015 Executive Council

Below are the names and offices of the 2015 AFSA Chapter 1681 Executive Council.

President: TSgt Mario Rainge (52 CES)

Vice President: TSgt Carmen Adams (52 LRS)

Treasurer: TSgt Michael Tooke (52 CS)

Secretary: TSgt Earlene Rice (52 AMDS)

Membership Trustee(s): SrA Beers (726 AMS); MSgt Tschippert (52 SFS)

Awards Trustee(s): MSgt Fisher (52 SFS)

Communications Trustee(s): SSgt Landon (52 CES); SSgt Webber (52 AMXS)

Legislative Trustee(s): SMSgt Dunston (52 AMXS); MSgt Toomas (52 FW)

Programs Trustee(s): SrA B. Simmons (606 ACS); SSgt Slampa (52 CMS)

Amn Activity Coordinator: SSgt J. Johnson (372 TRS)

Sergeant-At-Arms: TSgt Kehl (52 CES)

Senior Enlisted Advisor: MSgt I. Stanley (52 FSS)

Great things are ahead this year and this team is geared up and ready to go!

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