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In case you missed our General Membership Meeting this month, SSgt Lee Morgan presented a great tutorial on how easy it is to contact your elected representatives to let them know how you feel about today’s issues. Click the picture to check out the slide show:

– Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Cody publishes article in the Jan/Feb edition of AFSA Magazine regarding the future of the promotion system through “Forced Distribution”.   – AFSA continues to contend the MCRMC plan to consolidate the exchange system.  Current budget proposal would reduce commissary subsidy from $1.3 billion to […]

AFSA CEO: NDAA Actions Reopen Pay Gap. In the aftermath of the announcement of a House-Senate decision on the FY 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), AFSA immediately issued a statement that focused on the inequities of some of the decisions made by House-Senate negotiators. AFSA CEO Rob Frank pointed out how this bill would […]

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CMSgt (Ret.) James E. Lokovic Vice Chairman, AFSA International Legislative Committee October 14, 2014 1. What Happens if the Senate is Evenly Split? The Washington Examiner takes a look at the possibility that, after the November elections, the Republicans and Democrats could each end up with 50 Senate While the Republicans need to gain […]

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Good Morning AFSA Chapter 1681, What’s in this week’s Legislative Landscape: DoD indicates it will continue to come after compensation, retirement, healthcare programs. Know your target, when addressing a legislative issues and TRICARE no longer mailing out benefit updates. All this and more in your AFSA Legislative Update. Please take a few minutes to review […]

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MSgt Latrise Russell, Legislative Trustee 1. President Signs Veterans’ Reform Bill. Today,President Obama signed H.R. 3230, the “Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014.” In earlier bulletins, we recapped the major features of this legislation. It is now public law. Those interested can review the entire legislation, as signed, by going to: A […]

1. Yesterday, the United States passed S. 3230, Veterans Reform Bill. This bill now goes to President Obama for signature. An article in the Air Force Times on the Senate passage of this bill reads, in part, “The legislation allots $10 billion to expand private care options for veterans who face medical appointment wait times […]

MSgt Latrise Russell 1. New VA Secretary Confirmed by Senate. An article in The Hill reports, “The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly confirmed President Obama’s pick to run the scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs Department. “The chamber approved former Procter & Gamble executive Robert McDonald in a 97-0 vote, with lawmakers from both parties expressing confidence that he […]

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AFSA International Legislative Committee Bulletin 2014-052 CMSgt (Ret.) James E. Lokovic Vice Chairman, AFSA International Legislative Committee July 7, 2014 1. Is a VA Deal Imminent? With only 25 workdays left until the November elections, and political pressure to shape legislation non-controversially, it is questionable if House and Senate leaders will reach a compromise […]

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Senators Kaine and McCain to Propose First Changes to Measure Authorizing Force Against al-Qaida: US senators are readying a measure that would for the first time revise the legal underpinning for America’s fight against violent Islamic groups. For years, lawmakers in both parties and both chambers have advocated rescinding the September 2001 authorization of the […]

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